Video Presentation of VENDART is available!

After a month of realisation, the presentation's video is finally done. You can find it on Youtube, here:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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The first draw of all the main character's on deviantart!

The draw of all the main characters of Vendart's game is posted on deviantArt!

And some polls about events in the games aare posted too, feel free to participate to the creation of the game!

And more on the "Gallery" page...


What's the hero studied in her original world? Choose!

YOU can choose what the hero was studying when she was in her world. (Because she's 19, and in a university.

You have the choice between: arts, literature, history or stylism.


(if you haven't a deviantArt account, please send me an email to vote!)


The hero studied in a University of History!

As you chose, the hero studied in a University of History.

Will this influence the story?

CONTEST- Design one of the characters!


The game is advancing little by little! But now, I need you to design one of the characters!

All informations and prizes here: http://darkemma.deviantart.com/journal/CONTEST-Create-a-character-for-my-game-389188162#comments


deadline: 24 of august!

CONTEST- Results


The winner is pklcha from deviantart! Her character will now be in the game!

Plus, the game will be released the 31 of august! Thanks.

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